Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry (RIAMB), was a comprehensive scientific research institution founded in 1954 directly subordinated to the former Ministry of Machinery Industry. In 1999, it was reformed into a large scientific and technological enterprise subordinated to the Central Government.
RIAMB has always been engaged in the innovation, research, development and application of the automation, informationization and integration technology in manufacturing industry. It provides the customers with the integral solutions from development, design, manufacturing, installation to service, and it is the best provider of system integration equipment and system solution for enterprises of manufacturing industry.
RIAMB has more than 800 employees, including more than 600 engineers and technicians, and has 9 research and development centers for manufacturing automation, informationization and application technology, including the state-approved national scientific research and development bases including “National Engineering Research Center for Manufacturing Automation”, “National Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for Hydraulic Components”, “Intelligent Robot Industrialization Base of the National 863 Program”, “Machinery Industry Automation Productivity Promotion Centre”, and there are 15 national trade associations, societies and standard committees based in this institute, including “China National Technical Committee for Industrial Automation Systems and Integration Standardization”、“China National Technical Committee for Hydraulics and Pneumatics Standardization”, “China Association for Mechatronis Technology and Applications”. RIAMB has three state-approved master degree programs including the “Control Theory and Control Engineering”, “Computer Application Technology” and “Nuclear Technology and Application” and has cultivated more than 150 postgraduates. 
During the past five decades, RIAMB has recruited excellent talents, developed advanced technologies and accumulated rich experience. In the automation, informationization and integration fields, it has made independent innovations and realized great achievements. RIAMB has successfully developed the first hydraulic servo control painting robot of China, the first automatic three-dimensional warehouse of China, the first high energy electron linear accelerator of China, the first MRPII software with independent intellectual property rights of China and the first MIC series programmable logic controller of the world. RIAMB has played an irreplaceable role in the development of equipment manufacturing automation technology. RIAMB has achieved more than 500 items of scientific research results, including more than 100 program items with state and ministerial level awards for scientific and technological advancement, and more than 40 national and international awards, and owns more than 30 national patents.


RIAMB has completed thousands of national key technologies R & D programs and the enterprise-customized equipment projects and product programs which are widely used in 22 sectors including automobile, machinery, water conservancy, electric power, military industry, metallurgy, aerospace, aviation, environmental protection, building materials, coal, light industry, food, transportation and energy. From the ground vibration simulation test for the first artificial earth satellite to the eye-attracting three-Gorge project; from Huanghe River Diversion Project to the first robot painting production line of China; from the accelerator project blocked aboard to logistics production line of glass fiber industry which is now the biggest one in the world; from the  RS10 software that brings huge benefits to the enterprises to the hydraulic system that contributes a lot to the equipment for the military industry of China, RIAMB has made great contributions to lots of major national projects and the technology progress of manufacturing enterprises. In the hi-tech R& D and application fields including industrial automation and system integration, industrial robot development and application, automated assembly and testing equipment, fluid drive equipment and system, nondestructive inspection equipment and system, enterprise logistics and warehousing automation system, metal sheet processing automation equipment, enterprise informationization and application, application specific integrated circuit design and manufacturing, and other automated customization products, RIAMB has reached or is close to international advanced level, and is leading in China. RIAMB has bright development prospect in equipment manufacturing field. 


Faithfulness and sincerity are the basis of our business, customer foremost is our service tenet, and technological innovation is the source of our development. RIAMB is ready to contribute for the industrial technology progress and economic vitalization with its first-class technology, first-class products and first-class services.


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The north (Beijing) technology development co., LTD. The north (changzhou) technology development co., LTD. Jiangsu Yangtze river intelligent manufacturing research institute co., LTD.; Since the north trillion radial technology (changzhou) co., LTD.

Founded in 1954, more than 800 employees, eight divisions, four control; Has approved by the state "control theory and control engineering, computer application technology" master's degree in two given point...





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