North from the development of science and technology (Beijing) co., LTD.

North from the development of science and technology (Beijing) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as north since science and technology) is the north from the holding company. North from the original smart warehousing logistics business and personnel overall transferred to north from the independent operation of science and technology, promoting the development of intelligent logistics industry to accelerate.
Since the north is the earlier research and the development of the technology for automatic logistics units, since the 1970 s has been committed to the development and application of the intelligent logistics technology, continuous research and development of advanced technology, design and construction experience, has now become a domestic famous logistics systems integrators, in the domestic leading position, and successfully to overseas. North since logistics has become the industry well-known brands.
Since the north has been successfully completed more than 600 automatic logistics system projects, ranging from business chain type production logistics, distribution logistics to the logistics industry of large logistics distribution center, provide integrating automation, informationization, intellectualized, including processing, handling, storage, distribution, and a series of links of a comprehensive solution, has been in the manufacturing, food, medicine, chemical fiber, household, cold chain industry field application implementation success.


North from the (changzhou) technology development co., LTD

North from the (changzhou) technology development co., LTD is the north from a wholly owned subsidiary, is the north since set up in economically developed areas in east China's manufacturing base, and industrial development platform. The company covers an area of fifty thousand square meters, factory building, office building area of thirty thousand square meters.
Changzhou north of science and technology from its own innovative technology as the main body, build intelligent production base, key core equipment development and production, develop an intelligent manufacturing/digital factory key equipment manufacturing and system integration debugging base.
Technology at present, changzhou has built two process type non-woven automation model line, to the market to provide high-end medical, defend with non-woven products, also used in the intelligent equipment validation and service at the same time, further promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in our country.




Jiangsu Yangtze river intelligent manufacturing research institute co., LTD

The Yangtze river in jiangsu institute of intelligent manufacturing is led by the north since, Shanghai electric appliance science research institute, Estun Automation Co., Ltd, nanjing JianRuiJie software Co., Ltd. And changzhou ruiyuan venture investment Co., Ltd., jointly established, main business includes research and development of intelligent manufacturing, system integration experience validation, intelligent system integration standards, personnel training and international intelligent manufacturing cooperation, the company is located in changzhou city, jiangsu province.
Jiangsu Yangtze river intelligent manufacturing institute, the National Development and Reform Commission of intelligent system integration application experience verification center project, the project is to carry out the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) the intelligent manufacturing key technology industrialization implementation plan 2016-2020, "the focus of the project. Application of the project implementation, the basis of intelligent manufacturing industry to promote the domestic support ability, eagerly anticipates the development trend of intelligent manufacturing technology, makes the demonstration of the development and application of intelligent manufacturing platform, is an important window display Chinese intelligent manufacturing technology.


North from the signs in the radial technology (changzhou) co., LTD.

North from the signs in the radial technology (changzhou) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "north from trillion spider"), is the north from the holding company does its best to build the irradiation of industrialization.
Electron beam irradiation processing technology as a pollution-free green processing technology, to medical supplies, drugs, food, agricultural and sideline products, disinfection sterilization, insecticidal preservation processing, etc. As companies in the green electron beam irradiation technology in the research, development and application of innovative science and technology company, committed to the health industry irradiation processing process equipment research and applications, standards, industry incubation and industry cooperation.
The company's mission is to "green, irradiation, the benefit of society".





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