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1、Automation Equipment for Metal Sheet Processing

We has been engaged in the research, development and application of complete set pf metallurgic automation equipment, successfully developed many large metallurgic automation equipment, including: color roll coating production line for strip steel, hot dip galvanizing production line for steel strip, stannum/chromium plating production line for strip steel, hot dip galvanized Zn-Al production line for strip steel, transverse shear production line for strip steel, push—pull pickling unit, non-stainless steel bright annealing line, non-stainless steel annealing and pickling production line, finishing machine for galvanizing production line of steel strips, successfully applied in the enterprises of metallurgy, building materials, household electrical appliance, automobile sectors, and created lots of economic benefits for the enterprises.

Color roll coating production line for metal sheets

Stannum plating production line for strip steel

Chromium plating production line for strip steel

Continuous hot dip galvanizing production line for steel strip


Continuous hot dip galvanizing production line for steel strip


chromium plating production line for strip stee

2、Heat treatment production line for steel-sheet pressure quenching 

Hardening heat treatment of armor plate, ordinary steel plate, aluminum plateand glass.

Including: feeding system, heating furnace, quenching machine, mold, discharge system, cooling system;

Capacity: hardening heat treatment of high-strength plate, templet, swage plate;

Heat source: gas or electricity;

Specialties: after treating plate with high strength, flatness, uniform hardness, less distortion; swage plate with good one-time quenching forming; operating automatic and stable


3、Automobile Engine Assembly Line

1. Brief Introduction

Automobile engine assembly line mainly includes general assembly line, sub-assembly line, workspace tool chests, on-line tool, etc.. At present, flexible transfer line is widely used to transmit work pieces on general assembly line and sub-assembly line and automated assembly equipment is configured on the line to improve efficiency.

Flexible transfer line is mainly divided into friction roller way transfer line and start-stop-type motive force roller way transfer line.

Friction roller way takes the mode of continuous running, uses stopper to partition workspaces and has accurate and reliable positioning. Assembly tray can be equipped on the line to transmit work pieces, which can realize stepless accumulative placement between workspaces. More than one tray can be accumulatively placed on one workspace. Special-treated roller face can also be used to transmit work pieces. At the time of accumulative placement of work pieces, accumulative placement workspace shall be set. Only one work piece can be accumulatively placed on each accumulative placement workspace.

For start-stop-type roller way, roller way will be started to run only when work pieces are required to transmit. Stopper needn’t be set between workspaces and an individual drive need be set for each workspace. Whether tray is equipped or not, work pieces can only be accumulatively places in accordance with the workspace being set. Its flexibility is worse than that of friction roller way, its cost is higher than that of friction roller way but its service life is longer and energy consumption is less, so it is usually used for transmission of heavy assembly line.

Roller way drive mode is bevel gear or chain drive. Imported product is used to decelerate motor drive, which is in stable and reliable running, has little running noise and do not require routine maintenance basically. Roller way girder can be made of aluminum alloy material and be laid with stainless steel wiredrawing cover place and sheet guard and aluminum alloy framework steel wire guard net and has a goodly appearance of entire line.

Engine tray can adapt to the requirements of multi-brand model assembly, is flexible in operation and meet the requirements of man-machine engineering.

Automated equipments on assembly line are mainly automatic numbering machine, screwing machine, automatic tilter, other special-purpose assembly equipments, etc., which can greatly improve the assembly capacity of assembly line.

At present, field bus control mode is widely used on assembly line. Through field distribution I/O, field bus unitedly controls operation of assembly line and completes communications between all workspaces. Ethernet, etc. are used to establish field information monitoring system to be used to complete such functions as collection of information on assembly line, production arrangement being sent down, workspace monitoring and assembly hint.


2. Technical Indicator

Production program: Test line and 100000 units/year assembly line

Transmission speed: 3-15m/min

Transmission level error: <1/1000






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