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1.Robot Painting Equipment
1. Brief Introduction of Product
Beijing Mechanical Industry Automation Institute’s Robot Center is the key unit for robot study, development and application. As the unit on robot industry and industrialization base in our country, it started to conduct application study of industrial robot since early 1970s and successively developed PJ-series electro-hydraulic servo painting robots PJ-1, PJ-1A, PJ-1B, PJ-500 and PJ-600 and EP-series dynamo-electric painting robots such as EPS-500 and EPR-600 in the field of painting robot products.
2. Main Technical Parameter
Product model: EPR-601 AC servo painting robot series
             EPS-501S step motor drive painting robot series
Structural type: Multi-joint type, rectangular coordinate type
Drive mode: AC servo or step motor drive
Servo axle number: 2-6
External servo axle number: 2
Maximal resultant velocity: 0.8-1.7M/s
Repeatability precision: ±1.5mm/s
Weight of wrist holding: 5kg
Demonstration-type coordinate system: rectangle, joint, tool coordinate system
Programming mode: robot language
Plugging mode: straight line, arc
Program transformation: transition, mirror image, programmable Tcp, etc.
Other functions: work piece automatic identification, network interface
Explosion-proof mode: positive pressure explosion-proof
Application temperature and humidity range: 0-45℃, humidity 85% RH (not dewing)
Power supply: AC 380V±10% 

2、Automobile internal decoration high-pressure water cutting work station

High-pressure water jet can cut almost all the metallic and non-metallic materials. Robot high-pressure water cutting equipment, which is specially developed for the work pieces with the requirement of stereo cutting, can complete cutting and processing of different shapes of parts by way of changing program. Its successful application has substituted traditional trimming press processing mode, saved pressing mold manufacture fee and pressing mold maintenance and storage site and relieved the restriction of long molding period on production design and change. It can be applicable to multi-brand and small lot manufacture. With continuous change of automobile brand, it appears especially economic to use robot high-pressure water cutting work station.





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