Logistics and Storage


1.Enterprise Logistics and Warehousing Automation System
The enterprise logistics and warehousing automation system includes automated three-dimensional warehouse, system management software, barcode identification and tracking system, handling robot palletizer, conveyance system. We has made full use of decades of advantages in automated control technology research and system integration, developed advanced logistics and warehousing automated control and management system. We has successively built hundreds of logistics and warehousing projects including the terylene products logistics system for Yizheng Chemical Fiber, the three-dimensional warehouse for electrical appliances of CHINT, the three-dimensional warehouse for milk products of Mengniu Group and Yili Group, Logistics system for the glass fiber production line of Jushi Group, Loncin production logistics automation system, automated comprehensive three-dimensional warehouse specifically for military industry, and logistics data acquisition and tracking management system, light goods transfer system. Robot automatic palletizing workstation Terylene products logistics system for Yizheng Chemical Fiber (logistics transmitting system, automatic robot crating workstation) Logistics system for the glass fiber production line of Jushi Group

Loncin production logistics automation system


2.Logistics storage technique and equipment

The company owns various disciplines and majors in machinery-electronics industry, so it is apt to apply various advanced software and hardware techniques to organize the optimized design and manufacturing of automatic system. In logistics storage field, it has already successfully developed automatic stereoscopic storehouse, folding smoke-case robot and relevant apparatus, such as bar code identification machine, heap machine control and address-recognizing machine, goods-position locator, height detector, packing box and tray, etc. The company can undertake planning design, engineering by contract, technique consultation etc. for logistics storage automatic control and management system.

Uncrating Manipulator: Special robot used for raw tobacco leaf automatic transporting、uncrating、empty container folding and palletizing. The whole system consists of container move machine、belt conveyor、package remove machine、palletizing machine、pneumatic system and electrical control system. It is the investigation result of the National High Technology Research and

Development Program in automatization field of China (863) and is recognized as the national new product by State Economic and Trade Commission.





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