Company Leaders
Seven executives
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Institutional Framework
Eight divisions, four holding company......
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Company Profile
Company was founded in 1954......
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North from the existing staff 800 people, including professional and technical personnel more than 600 people, professional involved in industrial automation system integration, mechanical, industrial robots, computer software, fluid drive, the accelerator control, electronic circuit, etc.
In recent years, since the north so "talent thriving enterprise, people-oriented" as the foothold, committed to the talent team construction, has initially formed in "operation and management personnel, engineering and technical personnel, marketing personnel, operational support talent" as the core of the four talent team, sustainable development provides a strong support for automation and solid guarantee.


Vision: to become manufacturing enterprise integration equipment and system solutions provider

Mission: to continuously meet the needs of customers manufacturing capacity, dedicated to the manufacturing process, technology, equipment and system solutions for integrated development, application and services, enable customers to realize the safe, efficient and agile, harmonious manufacture

Values: with high-quality talents, high precision technology, high quality service, the depth of division of labor, system integration, custom size model, to meet customer demand, improve staff development, create social value
Business philosophy: customer first, honest and trustworthy

China association of electromechanical integration technology application
The Chinese mechanical engineering society machinery industrial automation branch
The Chinese mechanical engineering society (cmes) fluid transmission and control of the branch
Manufacturing technology professional committee of Chinese automation society
Electron beam ion professional committee of China electrotechnical society
The national standardization technical committee hydraulic and pneumatic
The automation system and integrated standardization technical committee
The national industrial process measurement and control automation standardization technical committee 
programmable controller technology committee

The national engineering research center of manufacturing automation
Intelligent robot industrialization base state 863 plan
Industry (hydraulic components) product quality control and technical lab evaluation
National quality supervision and inspection center hydraulic components
Intelligent manufacturing system technology research
Intelligent system integration application experience authentication center





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